Award Winning & Nationally Recognized Strategic Learning & Talent Management Consultant | Facilitator | Professor | Author | Speaker
  • UCSD Student
    "Michael's expertise was very much appreciated- real world current T&D experience demonstrating excellent best practices and practical approaches to implementing and evaluating effectiveness of T&D programs. Thank you!"
    UCSD Student
  • UCSD Student
    "Mr. McGinnis was awesome and so was his course. It is probably the best, most professionally current and most useful class I took in the entire HR certification program. He is a passionate teacher and it was obvious in his teaching style and in his delivery to the students."
    UCSD Student
  • W. Spires
    "I learned so much from Michael, and am so pleased to know him. Michael is organized, efficient, extremely knowledgeable, and has an excellent knowledge of learning systems and programs to facilitate learning. "
    W. Spires
  • M. Smith
    "Michael is one of the most talented training and development leaders that I have worked with in 15 years. His innovations around people development which are aimed at knowledge transfer and keeping costs down are not equally matched anywhere."
    M. Smith
  • T. Burke
    "Michael is a very knowledgeable Training Manager who through the years has proven himself as the can-do go-to guy. His knowledge of the Toyota Production System style of manufacturing associated with World Class Training methods helped set our facility apart as a leader within the company as well as globally in both arenas."
    T. Burke
  • B. Hathaway
    "I feel that Mike's contributions were a growth enabling factor for Jabil. I have considerable respect for his skill, creativity and energy. I feel that Mike will be a leader in his area of competence no matter who he works for."
    B. Hathaway
  • T. Ellis
    "I can truly say without hesitation that Michael is the most visionary leader in the area of Learning services that I've ever worked with or met."
    T. Ellis
  • L. Concha
    "With his take-charge attitude, inclusive approach and strong grasp of industry concepts, Michael would be an asset to any organization."
    L. Concha
  • J. van Deusen
    "Mike is a seasoned learning and organization development professional and I’ve benefited from his knowledge and skills many times over the past decade"
    J. van Deusen
  • K. Martin
    "When reviewing his work on the largest management development initiative in the history of the company, I was extremely impressed with not only the metrics he captured, but how he used visual management to showcase them."
    K. Martin
  • K. Nordin
    "Truly a global leader in providing learning solutions across all cultures and backgrounds."
    K. Nordin


Learning & Performance Consultant

"My role was largely an internal learning and performance consultant over the past decade. The business need was to continue to mature, standardize and expand the reach of a newly developed Talent Management organization across a decentralized and global landscape, along with developing our employees and leadership where key competency gaps were defined as a part of our corporate strategy. Click here to Read More

Consulting Methodology

"The first step is discovery, to understand your current situation. This requires assembling the key individuals who are most familiar with the challenge at hand, along with surveying others to gather their current perceptions, needs and wants. Questions are used to deepen an understanding, focusing on the evidence that a problem exists, and the impact this is having on the business and performance. Click here to Read More

Personal Approach

"A common theme integrated into my work and facilitation, is the philosophy that the most significant and meaningful footprint we can leave relates to helping our employees achieve their full potential. A fundamental desire of humanity is to grow with a pursuit towards self-actualization, but few know how to accomplish this. Click here to Read More