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  • J. Irelan
    The most effective aspects from my coaching experience were Resume, Branding advice and Career Coaching (Michael McGinnis was outstanding).
    J. Irelan
  • T. Halloran
    The most effective aspects of my service was working one-on-one with my job coach Michael. It was extremely helpful.
    T. Halloran
  • M. Townsend
    "The career coach I worked with, Michael McGinnis, is awesome!"
    M. Townsend
  • B. Nakano
    Michael McGinnis made all the difference in the world. He was able to establish a genuine relationship with me that enabled him to get to do things that everyone was saying (ie in the webinars) but that I wasn't actually doing. I appreciate the moral support too. I'm lucky to have had him as my career coach!
    B. Nakano
  • M. Kaeser
    Working with Michael McGinnis, he provided exceptional service. I highly recommend him.
    M. Kaeser
  • L. Arb.
    Michael McGinnis provided excellent job search and retirement planning advice.
    L. Arb.
  • J. Mahler
    My coach Michael McGinnis was very perceptive and was effective in jumpstarting my job search focus so kudos to him. Michael was prolific in sending out material that I found useful.
    J. Mahler
  • M. Alibhai
    Excellent guidance from my coach Michael who was always there to help with any questions I had. The professional resume consultation and updating LinkedIn profile session was also very helpful.
    M. Alibhai
  • T. Hall
    In the Midlands Tech/Bose Blythewood years that we worked together, I always knew there was something very special about you. I'm not talking about talent, exceptional expertise in your area, or your ability to put together excellent training. I see now what that was. It was your heart. That, my friend, is the best quality about you. You have lived a full life - excelling professionally and always caring more for others than for yourself. You have, and continue to, bless others.
    T. Hall
  • Onboarding Class - UCSD
    The feedback given by Prof McGinnis not only provided great insight and motivation but also helped guide me when I had steered off track. I greatly appreciated the preparation taken and level of organization made by him. I felt confident when applying the learned knowledge in my place of employment, attesting his superior teaching abilities and professional knowledge.Michael was Outstanding! very responsive and great comments and encouraging.
    Onboarding Class - UCSD
  • T&D Student - UCSD
    This was fourth course in the HR certification program and by far the best instruction. From the outset the syllabus was very detailed, the whole course was so well organized and planned out. It was important to Michael McGinnis that his classes were understood and was always available for questions. His enthusiasm for the teaching and training and development was very infectious. He genuinely wanted all of us to do well and to feel comfortable with the content. You can't help but to want to come to class and get involved when the instructor has such a positive and committed outlook to the material and life in general.
    T&D Student - UCSD
  • M. Ternavan
    1:1 with my career coach helped me keep focused and was always positive.
    M. Ternavan
  • T. Lauerman
    Michael McGinnis is a superb coach and mentor. He was encouraging and dedicated.
    T. Lauerman
  • A. Kaplan
    Mike is wonderful, and my time with you was emotionally supporting and informative
    A. Kaplan
  • M. Chevrie
    Michael McGinnis was an incredible coach. He was very Professional, helpful, encouraging, and an overall pleasant person to talk with.
    M. Chevrie
  • C. Dekker
    Michael McGinnis was a great sounding board
    C. Dekker
  • M. Bush
    From his first assignment as the Training and Development Manager supporting an operation of approximately 1,400 associates Michael developed a process that won him national recognition and the program was adopted across Manufacturing Global Supply Chain.
    M. Bush
  • T&D Class - UCSD
    "Michael's expertise was very much appreciated- real world current T&D experience demonstrating excellent best practices and practical approaches to implementing and evaluating effectiveness of T&D programs. Thank you!"
    T&D Class - UCSD
  • UCSD Student
    "Mr. McGinnis was awesome and so was his course. It is probably the best, most professionally current and most useful class I took in the entire HR certification program. He is a passionate teacher and it was obvious in his teaching style and in his delivery to the students."
    UCSD Student
  • S. Hilsher
    "Michael's coaching and teaching skills have helped me further develop my leadership, facilitation, and coaching skills."
    S. Hilsher
  • W. Spires
    "I learned so much from Michael, and am so pleased to know him. Michael is organized, efficient, extremely knowledgeable, and has an excellent knowledge of learning systems and programs to facilitate learning. "
    W. Spires
  • M. Smith
    "Michael is one of the most talented training and development leaders that I have worked with in 15 years. His innovations around people development which are aimed at knowledge transfer and keeping costs down are not equally matched anywhere."
    M. Smith
  • T. Burke
    "Michael is a very knowledgeable Training Manager who through the years has proven himself as the can-do go-to guy. His knowledge of the Toyota Production System style of manufacturing associated with World Class Training methods helped set our facility apart as a leader within the company as well as globally in both arenas."
    T. Burke
  • B. Hathaway
    "I feel that Mike's contributions were a growth enabling factor for Jabil. I have considerable respect for his skill, creativity and energy. I feel that Mike will be a leader in his area of competence no matter who he works for."
    B. Hathaway
  • D. Gibson
    "I would have to say that Michael makes a difference in every person he comes in contact with. He is able to transfer his energy and passion for learning and personal development into an individual or a large group."
    D. Gibson
  • K. Gordon
    "I would not be where I am today without the commitment to my development by Mike."
    K. Gordon
  • T. Ellis
    "I can truly say without hesitation that Michael is the most visionary leader in the area of Learning services that I've ever worked with or met."
    T. Ellis
  • L. Concha
    "With his take-charge attitude, inclusive approach and strong grasp of industry concepts, Michael would be an asset to any organization."
    L. Concha
  • J. van Deusen
    "Mike is a seasoned learning and organization development professional and I’ve benefited from his knowledge and skills many times over the past decade"
    J. van Deusen
  • K. Martin
    "When reviewing his work on the largest management development initiative in the history of the company, I was extremely impressed with not only the metrics he captured, but how he used visual management to showcase them."
    K. Martin
  • K. Nordin
    "Truly a global leader in providing learning solutions across all cultures and backgrounds."
    K. Nordin

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