Our Purpose: To Guide & Inspire Those on The Path of Personal Growth, Self-Discovery, and Enlightenment with Books, Blog, YouTube Channel, Talks, Coaching, Workshops and More

Our growth is often stimulated by pain and suffering, a disatisfaction with how our life is progressing and the negative consequences we continue to experience. This is followed by a choice, a choice to be a victim to our circumstances and blaming the world for not making us happy, or a choice to take charge of our life, and confront those aspects of our life that is holding us back. The growth journey begins with our "Personal Growth" where we develop our self-esteem and self-image, while converting our unhealthy beliefs into healthy ones. We learn courage and to like ourselves.

For those that are drawn to grow further, the stage of "Self-Discovery" deepens our introspective journey to examine and reshape our beliefs, values, and definitions of success and happiness. We learn to be authentic to who we are. Some are drawn much deeper as we contemplate life itself and how we fit in. We learn our purpose, driven by living a meaningful and giving life. We self-actualize by being who we truly are as we pursue our "Enlightenment".


The Journey
Tree of Life
This section provides an overview of the 3 stages of "Personal Growth", "Self-Discovery", and "Enlightenment" so that you can better assess where you are and/or need to focus on, depending on your life's goals. CLICK HERE to view this section.

The Book
An Award Winning Book (Balboa Press, Amazon Books), "Discoveirng Michael: An Inspirational Story and Guide to Personal Growth & Self-Discovery" is an inspirational guide for those interested in personal growth & self-discovery. It provides you with an understanding of the growth journey from the "person in the hot seat” perspective. CLICK HERE to preview the book and reviews.
Kirkus Indie Review: "A deeply sincere and powerful guide for those in search of self-actualization."

Blog | Podcasts | YouTube Channel
Blog Pic
My WORDPRESS BLOG features posts on many topics related to personal growth & self-discovery, what the journey is like, tips to consider, and more. No sugar coating, just open & candid conversation! Prefer PODCASTS? I am converting many of my posts into podcasts. My latest endeavor is interviewing others on my new YouTube Channel "THE RIPPLE EFFECT." You can view the latest videos on the "EVENTS & TALKS" page.

Events & Talks
A masterful facilitator, educator and story-teller to deliver a message of hope, inspiration and motivation. I love to engage with the audience using an open, candid, personal and transparent style, sharing my life stories and learnings to help guide and inspire others seeking greater meaning and understanding of their life. CLICK HERE to learn more about free webinars, keynote talks, and other events.

For Leaders
Leadership Amazon Book Image
A personal passion of mine as an educator and leader has been the development of great leaders to solve the many issues and challenges facing humanity today. This is the culmination of years of research regarding what the journey of personal growth, self-discovery, and enlightenment consists of for those aspiring to lead others. The journey confronts our human tendency to be led by our ego, resulting in a quest for power and status. The antitdote, focusing on "Leadership from the Inside-Out." For more information CLICK HERE
  • A. Zangri
      My coach, Michael McGinnis, was amazing. He took the time to get to know me and my aspirations. His coaching was very valuable in getting my 'brand' to be top notch. He also greatly assisted me in staying focused and providing resources to continue to learn and to stay positive during the time I was not working. The ability to have many sessions and even have quick questions answsered through email was very effective.
    A. Zangri
  • S. Truong
    I connected with Michael McGinnis post layoff announcement and it was a single 25 min. discussion that really helped me process my feelings and thoughts around the layoff. He was there to listen, he was so kind and supportive - it made all the difference during that difficult time. I let him know my thoughts about next career options and he gave me a framework on how to think about and approach my next career search. The meeting was invaluable. Thank you!  
    S. Truong
  • C. Beaulieu
      Michael provided amazing support. He answered my questions and provided invaluable tips on navigating the job application process, preparing my resume, updating my LinkedIn profile, utilizing social media to optimize success in obtaining interviews, getting in touch with key individuals to demonstrate interest and increase chances of getting contacted, how to communicate with them and what to say, navigating multiple interview offers, etc. The help was invaluable and definitely set me up for success. I will also be able to utilize this knowledge for years to come. Thank you so much for everything!
    C. Beaulieu
  • E. Vales
    I would like to extend my personal gratitude to Michael McGinnis for his support and guidance throughout my program. He has all the exceptional skills and qualities one could ask for in a career coach. I was fortunate to have been assigned to him. Thank you Michael and to all the LHH team! Keep up the great work!
    E. Vales
  • Charlie
    RE: A Modern-Day Vision Quest (05/02/21): Thanks Mike. I really enjoyed the session and your sharing such a powerful and meaningful story.
  • Majd O
    RE: A Modern-Day Vision Quest (05/02/21): It was great to see you again and great to attend this amazing event. Thank you for sharing your story and for making such a great impact on other people's lives. Continue to spread the love and happiness anywhere you go. Thank you for inviting me to this great event!
    Majd O
  • Tom W
    RE: A Modern-Day Vision Quest (05/02/21): I felt like I was joining you on a journey. I have traveled a great deal in my life as well and you brought back many of my own memories and experiences. Thank you so much, Tom
    Tom W
  • M. Kerwin
    The one on one consultation I was blessed to participate in, led by Michael McGinnis was invaluable! I can't thank Michael McGinnis enough in preparing me for my next career steps. Michael was able to immediately set my expectations properly as to how the job market and prospecting for my new career is in 2020/21. I was able to move through the steps of job loss, career search prep, and then begin engaging through networking and supporting others in their search. I feel I have learned not only invaluable career life lessons but life lessons for this age (both "at my age" and the year/times that we live in). Thank you Michael!
    M. Kerwin
  • N. Kuhnert
    The specific coaching on resume, LinkedIn and personal branding. Michael McGinnis had great sessions on these topics and his personalized review and recommendations were very helpful.
    N. Kuhnert
  • P. Phillips
    Thanks for all of your wisdom, guidance, knowledge share, and encouragement! Without you, I would not have known how to start, manage, and close my job search!
    P. Phillips
  • L. Rorye
    One on one time with career coach Michael McGinnis is absolutely the best. He uses every minute of the meeting to show me how to creatively and strategically connect with others in LinkedIn and utilize the tools. He is very resourceful. His candid feedback to the many questions that I may have encountered during the job search and interviewing process helps me improve.
    L. Rorye
  • J. Brennan
    Michael McGinnis was an awesome coach and provided many practical tips as well as cheer leading and support.
    J. Brennan
  • D. Heckathorne
    Working with Michael McGinnis was absolutely outstanding! He was very knowledgeable, available, and empathetic to me. He really took the time to understand my situation, and his coaching was very helpful. His suggestions regarding my resume and LinkedIn profile were very instructive - I have had dozens of views to my profile. Michael is a good listener, and knows just how to coach and make relevant suggestions. Also, his group coaching classes were very helpful. Thank You Michael
    D. Heckathorne
  • K. Peterson
    Michael McGinnis is a very effective coach and very helpful to me personally. He always gave concrete, useful feedback and suggestions to me.
    K. Peterson
  • J. Kilpatrick
    The one on one coaching with Michael McGinnis was exactly what I needed. He was motivating, focused, and helped me think about what my options were.
    J. Kilpatrick
  • L. Pollack
    The direct 1-on-1 interaction allowed me to explore questions and concerns I had about the direction and approach. The feedback was insightful and applicable.
    L. Pollack
  • D. Fernandez
    Great personal coach that helped me with the right tools, advice, and encouragement through the whole process. A great program to help structure the approach to your new reality, with many tools and information to explore different alternatives and personal coaching.
    D. Fernandez
  • UCSD Student
    Michael McGinnis is of the best instructors I've had yet through UCSD. Great feedback and encouragement were really appreciated. I think he has also mastered the use of online/distant learning technology better than most. Thank you!
    UCSD Student
  • UCSD Student
    Michael McGinnis is an excellent teacher! Fully engaged in what he is teaching. Always a pleasure to be in his class! -Travis
    UCSD Student
  • K. Haahr
    Michael McGinnis is a fantastic coach - really kind, upbeat and thoughtful.
    K. Haahr
  • M. Alibhai
    Excellent guidance from my coach Michael who was always there to help with any questions I had. The professional resume consultation and updating LinkedIn profile session was also very helpful.
    M. Alibhai
  • T. Hall
    In the years that we worked together at Bose, I always knew there was something very special about you. I'm not talking about talent, exceptional expertise in your area, or your ability to put together excellent training. I see now what that was. It was your heart. That, my friend, is the best quality about you. You have lived a full life - excelling professionally and always caring more for others than for yourself. You have, and continue to, bless others.
    T. Hall
  • UCSD
    The feedback given by Michael McGinnis not only provided great insight and motivation but also helped guide me when I had steered off track. I greatly appreciated the preparation taken and level of organization made by him. I felt confident when applying the learned knowledge in my place of employment, attesting to his superior teaching abilities and professional knowledge. Michael was Outstanding! Very responsive, great comments and encouraging.
  • T&D Student - UCSD
    The whole course was so well organized and planned out. It was important to Michael McGinnis that his classes were understood and was always available for questions. His enthusiasm for the teaching was very infectious. He genuinely wanted all of us to do well and to feel comfortable with the content. You can't help but to want to come to class and get involved when the instructor has such a positive and committed outlook to the material and life in general.
    T&D Student - UCSD
  • T. Lauerman
    Michael McGinnis is a superb coach and mentor. He was encouraging and dedicated.
    T. Lauerman
  • M. Chevrie
    Michael McGinnis was an incredible coach. He was very Professional, helpful, encouraging, and an overall pleasant person to talk with.
    M. Chevrie
  • P. Righellis
    It’s not often we meet people in both our professional and personal lives that have truly gone deep to find their inner selves. You would be one of those people, and for that, you should be very proud for both the courage, perseverance and results.
    P. Righellis
  • UCSD Student
    "Mr. McGinnis was awesome and so was his course. It is probably the best, most professionally current and most useful class I took. He is a passionate teacher and it was obvious in his teaching style and in his delivery to the students."
    UCSD Student
  • D. Gibson
    "I would have to say that Michael makes a difference in every person he comes in contact with. He is able to transfer his energy and passion for learning and personal development into an individual or a large group."
    D. Gibson
  • K. Gordon
    "I would not be where I am today without the commitment to my development by Mike. He is an amazing leader that focuses on the development of his team and others. His results are outstanding and a result of his focus on people first"
    K. Gordon
  • T. Ellis
    "I can truly say without hesitation that Michael is the most visionary leader that I've ever worked with or met."
    T. Ellis