Coach Bio 3

  • K. Peterson
    Michael McGinnis is a very effective coach and very helpful to me personally. He always gave concrete, useful feedback and suggestions to me.
    K. Peterson
  • A. Ghofrani
    My personal coach, Michael McGinnis, was by far the most effective aspect of my job search. His words of wisdom and encouragements were indeed what I needed at this hard time.
    A. Ghofrani
  • J. Kilpatrick
    The one on one coaching with Michael McGinnis was exactly what I needed. He was motivating, focused, and helped me think about what my options were.
    J. Kilpatrick
  • L. Arzon
    My coach Mike was great to work with. Would highly recommend him. Highlights include; Resume review and feedback, LinkedIn Make-Over tips and feedback.
    L. Arzon
  • L. Pollack
    The direct 1-on-1 interaction allowed me to explore questions and concerns I had about the direction and approach. The feedback was insightful and applicable.
    L. Pollack
  • D. Ruiz
    My career coach was the best part. Thank you, Michael, for all your encouragement.
    D. Ruiz
  • D. Fernandez
    Great personal coach that helped me with the right tools, advice, and encouragement through the whole process. A great program to help structure the approach to your new reality, with many tools and information to explore different alternatives and personal coaching.
    D. Fernandez
  • M. Yi
    Michael is a great coach with my job search. I was preparing Amazon's leadership interview questions and don't know where to start. He pointed me to very valuable preparation videos immediately. During the 1:1 video coaching with him, he also point out some important details like looking at your interviewer through the camera, etc that i ignored before. All in all, he is excellent and helped a lot during my career search. I highly recommend Michael as career coach!
    M. Yi
  • B. Zenz
    My career coach, Michael McGinnis, was very helpful and inspirational on my job search journey!
    B. Zenz
  • A. Brumme
    My sessions with Michael McGinnis were very helpful. He was motivational and really helped me think through my options. Also the resume updates provided were very helpful. I also appreciated the time flexibility provided due to family circumstances. All in all a great experience. Thank you.
    A. Brumme
  • V. Oliver
    As "active retirement" was my new career goal, I appreciated that my coach tailored his assistance to my needs.
    V. Oliver
  • K. Haahr
    Michael McGinnis is a fantastic coach - really kind, upbeat and thoughtful.
    K. Haahr
  • J. Ellerbrock
    The most effective aspects of my LHH service was meeting with my career coach, Michael McGinnis.
    J. Ellerbrock
  • I. Popoff
    Individual career coaching and follow up / 1:1s with M. McGinnis - fantastic work!! Good Job Mike
    I. Popoff
  • B. Zenz
    Thanks so much for your help on this journey! I appreciate all of your wisdom and you are excellent guide and career coach.
    B. Zenz
  • J. Ellerbrock
    I was not in a typical transition, but was exploring active retirement after leaving my company. The coaching I received included potential paths for this phase of my life that I had not known existed. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with my career coach, Michael McGinnis.
    J. Ellerbrock
  • K. Haahr
    Michael McGinnis was fantastic - really kind, upbeat and thoughtful. Thanks so much - it was wonderful working with you. Your kindness meant so much to me.
    K. Haahr
  • J. Irelan
    The most effective aspects from my coaching experience were Resume, Branding advice and Career Coaching (Michael McGinnis was outstanding).
    J. Irelan
  • T. Halloran
    The most effective aspects of my coaching experience was working one-on-one with my coach Michael. It was extremely helpful.
    T. Halloran
  • M. Townsend
    "The career coach I worked with, Michael McGinnis, is awesome!"
    M. Townsend
  • B. Nakano
    Michael McGinnis made all the difference in the world. He was able to establish a genuine relationship with me that enabled him to get to do things that everyone was saying (ie in the webinars) but that I wasn't actually doing. I appreciate the moral support too. I'm lucky to have had him as my career coach!
    B. Nakano
  • D. Manayani
    I enjoyed working with Michael McGinnis as my career coach. His guidance was very helpful to help me navigate through this rough patch in my life.
    D. Manayani
  • L. Arb.
    Michael McGinnis provided excellent job search and retirement planning advice.
    L. Arb.
  • J. Mahler
    My coach Michael McGinnis was very perceptive and was effective in jumpstarting my job search focus so kudos to him. Michael was prolific in sending out material that I found useful.
    J. Mahler
  • M. Alibhai
    Excellent guidance from my coach Michael who was always there to help with any questions I had. The professional resume consultation and updating LinkedIn profile session was also very helpful.
    M. Alibhai
  • T. Hall
    In the Midlands Tech/Bose Blythewood years that we worked together, I always knew there was something very special about you. I'm not talking about talent, exceptional expertise in your area, or your ability to put together excellent training. I see now what that was. It was your heart. That, my friend, is the best quality about you. You have lived a full life - excelling professionally and always caring more for others than for yourself. You have, and continue to, bless others.
    T. Hall
  • T&D Student - UCSD
    I really like how positive he was - Professor McGinnis was so engaged and supportive of everyone's input. He was super open to all questions and comments. He is clearly an expert in his field and I absolutely gained a lot of knowledge that I have already implemented in my career.
    T&D Student - UCSD
  • M. Ternavan
    1:1 with my coach Michael, helped me keep focused and was always positive.
    M. Ternavan
  • T. Lauerman
    Michael McGinnis is a superb coach and mentor. He was encouraging and dedicated.
    T. Lauerman
  • A. Kaplan
    Mike is wonderful, and my time with you was emotionally supporting and informative
    A. Kaplan
  • M. Chevrie
    Michael McGinnis was an incredible coach. He was very Professional, helpful, encouraging, and an overall pleasant person to talk with.
    M. Chevrie
  • C. Dekker
    Michael McGinnis was a great sounding board
    C. Dekker
  • S. Hilsher
    "Michael's coaching and teaching skills have helped me further develop my leadership, facilitation, and coaching skills."
    S. Hilsher
  • D. Gibson
    "I would have to say that Michael makes a difference in every person he comes in contact with. He is able to transfer his energy and passion for learning and personal development into an individual or a large group."
    D. Gibson
  • K. Gordon
    "I would not be where I am today without the commitment to my development by Mike."
    K. Gordon
  • J. van Deusen
    "Mike is a seasoned learning and organization development professional and I’ve benefited from his knowledge and skills many times over the past decade"
    J. van Deusen

Coaching is an Art and a Science which takes years to master

"As their coach, your job is to set the bar high, inspire them to reach this bar, encourage them, and most of all, guide them in the best possible manner and in the most supportive environment." John Popovich

Effective Coaching is ultimately about forming a confidential, open, candid and trusting relationship with their client. The goal is to initially understand your situation, circumstances and challenges you are experiencing, along with your goals and aspirations. The focus then turns to define a realistic and actionable development plan to move you from current state to your desired future state, and then support you on your journey.

The difference between a good coach and great coach is their experience to educate, challenge, and inspire you to keep your forward momentum, along with strong and relevant experience in human development and the particular situation you are experiencing. When you bring a willingness to be an active participant, an open mind to break through old paradigms & beliefs, along with a sense of adventure, anything is possible!

Anyone today can call themselves a “coach”, but few have acquired the skills, knowledge, experience, knack, and people skills to both guide and challenge you. Great coaches never tell you what to do, or, say “I know the answer”. Instead they help you identify your what and why, and then guide you on the how. This way you own the discovery process, learnings & outcomes, and are more apt to put your learnings into action because they are YOURS, not mine.

Below are documents providing an overview of each of the following:

Career Coaching
Leader | Development Coaching
Life Coaching