Coach Bio 3
  • B. Nakano
    Michael McGinnis made all the difference in the world. He was able to establish a genuine relationship with me that enabled him to get to do things that everyone was saying (ie in the webinars) but that I wasn't actually doing. I appreciate the moral support too. I'm lucky to have had him as my career coach!
    B. Nakano
  • D. Manayani
    I enjoyed working with Michael McGinnis as my career coach. His guidance was very helpful to help me navigate through this rough patch in my life.
    D. Manayani
  • M. Kaeser
    Working with Michael McGinnis, he provided exceptional service. I highly recommend him.
    M. Kaeser
  • L. Arb.
    Michael McGinnis provided excellent job search and retirement planning advice.
    L. Arb.
  • J. Mahler
    My coach Michael McGinnis was very perceptive and was effective in jumpstarting my job search focus so kudos to him. Michael was prolific in sending out material that I found useful.
    J. Mahler
  • M. Alibhai
    Excellent guidance from my coach Michael who was always there to help with any questions I had. The professional resume consultation and updating LinkedIn profile session was also very helpful.
    M. Alibhai
  • T. Hall
    In the Midlands Tech/Bose Blythewood years that we worked together, I always knew there was something very special about you. I'm not talking about talent, exceptional expertise in your area, or your ability to put together excellent training. I see now what that was. It was your heart. That, my friend, is the best quality about you. You have lived a full life - excelling professionally and always caring more for others than for yourself. You have, and continue to, bless others.
    T. Hall
  • T&D Student - UCSD
    I really like how positive he was - Professor McGinnis was so engaged and supportive of everyone's input. He was super open to all questions and comments. He is clearly an expert in his field and I absolutely gained a lot of knowledge that I have already implemented in my career.
    T&D Student - UCSD
  • M. Ternavan
    1:1 with my career coach helped me keep focused and was always positive.
    M. Ternavan
  • T. Lauerman
    Michael McGinnis is a superb coach and mentor. He was encouraging and dedicated.
    T. Lauerman
  • A. Kaplan
    Mike is wonderful, and my time with you was emotionally supporting and informative
    A. Kaplan
  • M. Chevrie
    Michael McGinnis was an incredible coach. He was very Professional, helpful, encouraging, and an overall pleasant person to talk with.
    M. Chevrie
  • C. Dekker
    Michael McGinnis was a great sounding board
    C. Dekker
  • S. Hilsher
    "Michael's coaching and teaching skills have helped me further develop my leadership, facilitation, and coaching skills."
    S. Hilsher
  • D. Gibson
    "I would have to say that Michael makes a difference in every person he comes in contact with. He is able to transfer his energy and passion for learning and personal development into an individual or a large group."
    D. Gibson
  • K. Gordon
    "I would not be where I am today without the commitment to my development by Mike."
    K. Gordon

Coaching is an Art and a Science which takes years to master

As their coach, your job is to set the bar high, inspire them to reach this bar, encourage them, and most of all, guide them in the best possible manner and in the most supportive environment.
John Popovich

Effective Coaching is ultimately about forming a confidential, open, candid and trusting relationship with their client. The goal is to initially understand your situation, circumstances and challenges you are experiencing, along with your goals and aspirations. The focus then turns to define a realistic and actionable development plan to move you from current state to your desired future state, and then support you on your journey.

The difference between a good coach and great coach is their experience to educate, challenge, and inspire you to keep your forward momentum, along with strong and relevant experience in human development and the particular situation you are experiencing. When you bring a willingness to be an active participant, an open mind to break through old paradigms & beliefs, along with a sense of adventure, anything is possible!

Anyone today can call themselves a “coach”, but few have acquired the skills, knowledge, experience, knack, and people skills to both guide and challenge you. Great coaches never tell you what to do, or, say “I know the answer”. Instead they help you identify your what and why, and then guide you on the how. This way you own the discovery process, learnings & outcomes, and are more apt to put your learnings into action because they are YOURS, not mine.


Personally, my uniqueness comes from the years of being the coachee, focusing on my own development while working with amazing life/development/career/leadership coaches. This inspired me to become an educator/coach/mentor, based on a passion for helping others to grow and become their full potential. My experience allows me to integrate life, leadership, career and development coaching together as appropriate. It is a uniqueness I have discovered that allows me to focus more holistically (e.g. strategically) as well as tactical. For example, a career plan should be integrated with your life plan, along with a development plan to ensure your skills remain relevant and are consistent with the qualifications needed for your career objective.

Professionally, I have extensive training and certification in human and organizational development, coaching, mentoring, leadership development, personal growth & self-discovery. Having led the transformation of talent acquisition functions, I understand the modern day job search and tools needed to effectively navigate a career transition. My life coaching skills came largely as a result of the total transformation I made with my own life, which is the topic of my book on this topic (My story is an open book, literally, featured in my book, “Discovering Michael: An Inspirational Guide to Personal Growth & Self-Discovery” (Balboa Press, 2014).

CAREER COACH – the career options today are enormous (Gig Economy, Portfolio Careers, Fractional CxO & more). The key is realizing what Bill Gates predicted many years ago, that we are all free agents. Employment is “At Will” for most professionals meaning that both the company and employee can terminate employment at any time. Our goal is to remain relevant, meaning that we maintain up-to-date skills for what companies need today. It is inevitable that we will experience multiple job changes during our career, some initiated by ourselves and others by the company. Therefore we need to plan for these career transitions, being proactive vs. reactive, and marketing ourselves using platforms like LinkedIn so that we are discovered and present an impressive profile.

Along with the dramatic changes and dynamics of jobs today are the tools, methods, and approaches to a job search, which are very different today and continue to change. Having led the transformation of Talent Acquisition helps me to guide clients through the search process, and how to increase their chances of even being recognized.

The concept of Branding is critical today. Just as companies are trying to differentiate their products and services from their growing competition, we need to differentiate ourselves from our competition who are those also applying for jobs we want. I have mastered a means of integrating this into our key marketing tools, our resume and LinkedIn Profile.

Below are the steps to a “smart job search”. I offer a 2-session package for resume only or a 6-session package covering the fundamentals to a job search today. Programs can be customized depending on your unique needs.

Step 1. The Foundation. Development of a “branded” resume & LinkedIn profile. The first 2 sessions are devoted to teaching you how to differentiate yourself and accentuate your relevant competencies and results that relate to your desired job.

Step 2. Navigating LinkedIn. Whether you embrace social media or not, session 3 will instruct you how to use LinkedIn for the job search and finding your way into the company vs. just clicking on the Apply button.

Step 3. Making A Connection. Session 4 preps you for the phone screen and in-person interviews. The prior steps got you into the door, now you must Wow them, demonstrating the confidence and ability to provide the value they need.

Step 4. Complimenting Your Search. Session 5 is learning how to work with external recruiters and search firms.

Step 5. Extending Your Search. There are many reasons why we may need to extend our search. Session 6 focuses on what to do when your job search stalls.

Ongoing sessions can be scheduled on an as-needed basis to respond to the many unique situations that can arise.

One additional area I focus on is for those who face a career transition post 50 years old. Unfortunately, ageism is a factor today and often requires guidance and support around this obstacle.

LEADERSHIP COACH – As a leader, you evaluate your intentions, actions, & motivations, and you will question whether you lived up to the responsibility and accountability one assumes in these roles. Did you walk people off cliffs, or up mountains? Did you subscribe to values related to ego, selfishness, greed, or external power, or to ones that promoted a greater good for humanity, selflessness, caring, and compassion?

My work focuses on helping leaders to develop their “leadership foundation” or as I state, “developing leaders from the inside out.” See Leadership page. It is often a life-changing experience. It is nearly impossible to go backwards once you make this journey. You come to understand yourself in ways that are deep and profound, developing stronger beliefs & values along with a sense of meaning & purpose that drive you and your teams forward. You become a leader of the people!

I have spent most of my career researching leadership and practicing it as a senior leader in global organizations. My reputation is that of a passionate and effective leader, inspiring and influencing individuals and teams to strive for their best and achieve their own potential and being a great coach since I walked my talk.

LIFE COACH – the primary symptoms often relate to one or more of the following; unhappy; lack of motivation, meaning, purpose; feeling different, lost, confused; and/or living with fear. Our past may have been difficult and/or something within is calling us with deeper and more profound questions. We are seeking to understand and re-define our definitions of happiness, love, meaning and joy. We may be seeking to understand life itself and how we fit in, or simply understand why we lost our zest for life.

These are often the characteristics of the clients I work with. I have spent most of my life focusing on my own personal growth and self-discovery, feeling all the above symptoms; and now enjoy serving as an inspiration and guide for others on their own journey. This is the topic of my award-winning book, Discovering Michael: An Inspirational Guide to Personal Growth & Self-Discovery, . See my Personal Growth Blog at:

COACHING SESSIONS – Sessions are typically more frequent at first to understand your particular situation and needs, and boil this down to a development or action plan. Once this is established sessions are used to follow-up your progress and help to hold you accountable for doing what you said you would do. One of the greatest services a great coach offers is being a guide, sounding board, and inspiring you along the way.

I suggest and have mastered virtual meetings as the ideal way of conducting this work together. With a webcam to help make it personal, the convenience of you being at home or in your office and avoiding traffic and commute time, makes it so much more convenient and effective. I have been operating virtually for the past decade in my career.

Meetings are scheduled either using my on-line calendar, or at the end of each session. A virtual meeting link is sent along with access instructions.

Invoices are sent via Paypal following each session.

Thanks for your consideration,


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