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Building Your Leadership Foundation e-Book
Building Your Leadership Foundation e-Book
PDF version
This eBook is the basis for a workshop I deliver to help participants apply the concepts associated with developing their Leadership Foundation. I offer this as an e-Book for those interested in learning more. As stated by a participant, "the book is an easy-read, grounding us on the principles along with examples to be more authentic to self and to others. This truly is a foundation not only for great leadership, but for life!"
120 pages, 8.5 x 11, PDF Format


Want to view a primer of the book? Click here to read the Preamble, Introduction and Table of Contents.

  • M. Choy
    Michael McGinnis is an effective coach and advisor. His guidance was invaluable in transitioning into my next role. The feedback on my LinkedIn profile, to interview preparation, and starting at my new role were very helpful.
    M. Choy
  • J. Kilpatrick
    The one on one coaching with Michael McGinnis was exactly what I needed. He was motivating, focused, and helped me think about what my options were.
    J. Kilpatrick
  • B. Zenz
    My career coach, Michael McGinnis, was very helpful and inspirational on my job search journey!
    B. Zenz
  • UCSD Student
    His teaching was great! Made me really excited about my career again, and really thinking about my future.
    UCSD Student
  • UCSD Student
    Michael McGinnis is of the best instructors I've had yet through UCSD. Great feedback and encouragement were really appreciated. I think he has also mastered the use of online/distant learning technology better than most. Thank you!
    UCSD Student
  • UCSD Student
    Michael has wonderful experience and has so much knowledge to share with the class. i would have liked it if we could go maybe a week or two longer. The use of blackboard was great to compile the course information ahead of time. The onus was on the students to be prepared ahead of time.
    UCSD Student
  • UCSD Student
    Really good content overall. Excellent overview of the topic. Would recommend this course to someone who wants the complete picture of the onboarding process. The readings were manageable and tied back to the discussion board. I loved the content!
    UCSD Student
  • UCSD Student
    Really happy I waited for this class. The content was right on and very informative. His teaching style was excellent. Thought the professor provided a thorough overview of the onboarding philosophy. He was very knowledgeable on the topic. Thanks Mr. McGinnis!
    UCSD Student
  • UCSD Student
    Michael McGinnis is an excellent teacher! Fully engaged in what he is teaching. Always a pleasure to be in his class! -Travis
    UCSD Student
  • J. Ellerbrock
    I was not in a typical transition, but was exploring active retirement after leaving my company. The coaching I received included potential paths for this phase of my life that I had not known existed. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with my career coach, Michael McGinnis.
    J. Ellerbrock
  • K. Haahr
    Michael McGinnis was fantastic - really kind, upbeat and thoughtful. Thanks so much - it was wonderful working with you. Your kindness meant so much to me.
    K. Haahr
  • D. Manayani
    I enjoyed working with Michael McGinnis as my career coach. His guidance was very helpful to help me navigate through this rough patch in my life.
    D. Manayani
  • T. Hall
    In the Midlands Tech/Bose Blythewood years that we worked together, I always knew there was something very special about you. I'm not talking about talent, exceptional expertise in your area, or your ability to put together excellent training. I see now what that was. It was your heart. That, my friend, is the best quality about you. You have lived a full life - excelling professionally and always caring more for others than for yourself. You have, and continue to, bless others.
    T. Hall
  • UCSD
    I enjoyed having Michael as my professor! Great presenter and motivator.
  • UCSD
    The feedback given by Michael McGinnis not only provided great insight and motivation but also helped guide me when I had steered off track. I greatly appreciated the preparation taken and level of organization made by him. I felt confident when applying the learned knowledge in my place of employment, attesting to his superior teaching abilities and professional knowledge. Michael was Outstanding! Very responsive, great comments and encouraging.
  • T&D Student - UCSD
    I really like how positive he was - Professor McGinnis was so engaged and supportive of everyone's input. He was super open to all questions and comments. He is clearly an expert in his field and I absolutely gained a lot of knowledge that I have already implemented in my career.
    T&D Student - UCSD
  • N. Stephen
    Mike was highly effective at taking on and leading complex Talent management initiatives. Able to navigate complex problems and stakeholders, Mike demonstrated significant results in all the projects he took on. Working across the globe and with individuals at all levels, and in many cultures, Mike was able to understand individual and team level motivations to influence positive outcomes.
    N. Stephen
  • M. Bush
    Michael's leadership enabled the organization to understand the power of Lean Six Sigma. Michael also went on to continue his own learning in the field and achieved a Six Sigma Green Belt certification as well as a Bose Lean Enterprise certification. Michael is also expert in program and project management.
    M. Bush
  • P. Righellis
    It’s not often we meet people in both our professional and personal lives that have truly gone deep to find their inner selves. You would be one of those people, and for that, you should be very proud for both the courage, perseverance and results.
    P. Righellis
  • M. de la Torre
    "He has been a coach and a mentor to me and to all his team members, Michael has a solid and positive impact in the development of every employee under his leadership."
    M. de la Torre
  • M. Smith
    "Michael is one of the most talented leaders that I have worked with in 15 years. His innovations around people development are not equally matched anywhere."
    M. Smith
  • D. Gibson
    "I would have to say that Michael makes a difference in every person he comes in contact with. He is able to transfer his energy and passion for learning and personal development into an individual or a large group."
    D. Gibson
  • K. Gordon
    "I would not be where I am today without the commitment to my development by Mike."
    K. Gordon
  • C. Walker
    "I’ve left every coaching session with Michael feeling like I was ready for a bigger challenge."
    C. Walker
  • J. van Deusen
    "Mike is a seasoned learning and organization development professional and I’ve benefited from his knowledge and skills many times over the past decade"
    J. van Deusen
  • K. Nordin
    "Truly a global leader in providing learning solutions across all cultures and backgrounds."
    K. Nordin

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