Providing motivational, engaging and memorable talks, keynotes, presentations and workshops.
Michael speaks from the heart integrating research, examples, stories, and discussion to create an engaging and informative session for the audience. His style, similar to his books, is to connect with his audience, using his own experience and stories to establish authenticity, transparency, respect and candid conversation. His broad, diverse and global volunteer experience brings in a unique and profound perspective.
Michael has mastered the art of Facilitation and Virtual Learning based on years of experience leading global learning organizations and as an adjunct professor at University of California at San Diego.
  • RE: A Modern-Day Vision Quest (05/02/21): What a great session! Your stories are amazing. It brought up a lot of reflection for me. Self-discovery has been a lifelong journey for me. I had post traumatic growth from my first layoff. Been having fun ever since. The path is not fully resolved. But I’ve never been closer to it than I am today.
  • Charlie
    RE: A Modern-Day Vision Quest (05/02/21): Thanks Mike. I really enjoyed the session and your sharing such a powerful and meaningful story.
  • Majd O
    RE: A Modern-Day Vision Quest (05/02/21): It was great to see you again and great to attend this amazing event. Thank you for sharing your story and for making such a great impact on other people's lives. Continue to spread the love and happiness anywhere you go. Thank you for inviting me to this great event!
    Majd O
  • Tom W
    RE: A Modern-Day Vision Quest (05/02/21): I felt like I was joining you on a journey. I have traveled a great deal in my life as well and you brought back many of my own memories and experiences. Thank you so much, Tom
    Tom W
  • UCSD
    The feedback given by Michael McGinnis not only provided great insight and motivation but also helped guide me when I had steered off track. I greatly appreciated the preparation taken and level of organization made by him. I felt confident when applying the learned knowledge in my place of employment, attesting to his superior teaching abilities and professional knowledge. Michael was Outstanding! Very responsive, great comments and encouraging.
  • T&D Student - UCSD
    The whole course was so well organized and planned out. It was important to Michael McGinnis that his classes were understood and was always available for questions. His enthusiasm for the teaching was very infectious. He genuinely wanted all of us to do well and to feel comfortable with the content. You can't help but to want to come to class and get involved when the instructor has such a positive and committed outlook to the material and life in general.
    T&D Student - UCSD
  • D. Gibson
    "I would have to say that Michael makes a difference in every person he comes in contact with. He is able to transfer his energy and passion for learning and personal development into an individual or a large group."
    D. Gibson
  • B. Chapman
    "I have always had great admiration for what Michael McGinnis does for the e-learning industry. Somehow he finds time to both work as a learning practitioner (for Bose) and simultaneously share information about how to create learning on a shoestring budget through conference presentations, white papers, and sharing information. I wish there were more people like Michael who so freely share what they know with others, without asking "what's in it for me?" "Thanks Michael."
    B. Chapman
  • A. Watson
    "Michael is an excellent communicator. This past year he spoke at an APICS chapter meeting about Lean Manufacturing Practices. He demonstrated the ability to grab the audience’s attention and keep it by delivering his presentation with energy. By telling the story of his experiences with Lean and 5S, he was able to gain respect from the audience as an expert on the topic. I would recommend Michael to any group needing a speaker on the topics of Lean and 5S."
    A. Watson
Michael presenting virtually on the topic of Strategic Talent Acquisition: Sept 9, 2020